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rose_of_pollux in 20_cities

Two posts: Folgen Sie Ihrem Traum Chapter 20, parts 1 and 2 (Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto/Téa, #6 and #7)

Title: Folgen Sie Ihrem Traum (Follow Your Dream); Chapter 20: Betrayed, part 1
Author: Crystal Rose of Pollux (rose_of_pollux)
Pairing: Seto Kaiba/Téa Gardner (Anzu Mazaki)
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Theme: 6; London, England
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine (except for the OC dancers), and the story is
Warnings: none
Rating: PG13

The first thing that Téa was aware of when she came to was the sound of a faint voice; someone was speaking in a nearby room. She shook her head slightly, trying to clear the cobwebs in her mind. What had happened? She had been searching the stage, and had come across Strings…

A new sound now reached her ears: the cooing of the white doves. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was no longer in the theater, but was in some sort of store room where all of the magic equipment was being kept. But that soon became unimportant as she realized that she was inside a box on the magician’s table, her head and feet just visible, while the rest of her was concealed by the box, which had a slit in its center to allow for the blade.

Confusion turned to horror. Left with no other option, she could only scream for help. Footsteps answered her cries, but it was not a rescue party; Arkana himself entered the room.

“Nice to see you finally awake, Miss Gardner,” he said, in that deceivingly soft voice of his. “I’d ask if you enjoyed your flight, but you seemed to have slept right through it.”

“But… why am I here?” she asked, not even sure where “here” was. “I just got a little lost when the lights went out; I didn’t mean any harm--”

“And do you really expect me to believe that?” asked Arkana. “We’ve had reports that someone has been spying on our Rare Hunter meetings for a long time, and now we’ve proven that it’s you. Fortunately, you don’t seem to know the exact details of our plans, but you know far too much.”

“What are you going to do to me!?” she asked, horrified, struggling to escape from the box. It was no use; her wrists and ankles were bound by the straps that came with the box. “Look, just get me out of this thing; I… I think it’s making me claustrophobic--”

“Now don’t go to pieces,” he said, smirking at his own horrid joke. “You may learn to get used to it. After all of your eavesdropping, I’m sure you’ve heard of how I’d be more than willing to take you in as my assistant…”

“No!” she said, trying harder than ever to escape her prison without success.

“There’s nothing to worry about, my dear,” said Arkana. “Everyone knows that the old ‘saw-the-girl-in-half’ trick is just that—a trick.”

“And you expect me to believe that you wouldn’t arrange for an ‘accident’ to happen!?” she fumed. “I wasn’t born yesterday!”

“Well, if you don’t wish to be my assistant, you could always join the Rare Hunters…”


“I don’t see why you’re so against the idea,” he said. “After all, you’ve been aiding our plans for the past several weeks. I’d say that you’re practically one of us already. Just take the oath, and it’ll be official.”

“You took advantage of me and all of the other dancers!” Téa retorted. “We never intended to aid your crazy schemes… whatever they are!”

“Ah. Miss Gardner, your morals are amusing,” said Arkana. “Bandit Keith himself has mentioned how he needs to give you credit for eluding us for more than six weeks, and all alone, too…”

So they still can’t tie me in with Kaiba… that might be a good thing,” she thought. “That still means that he’s on the case; he must’ve gotten my message. I hope he won’t have any trouble finding me; I don’t even know where I am…

“Keith seems to think that it would be a shame for your talents to go to waste,” the illusionist went on, finally freeing her from the box. “So I’ve been instructed to give you a week to think. Let me know if you reconsider.”

“And if I don’t?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Then you’ll be finding yourself with a new career in the magic industry,” he replied, trying his hardest not to look too smug.

A short career, you mean,” she thought, derisively. She felt for her handheld computer in her pocket, but couldn’t find it.

“Oh, yes; your little communication device…” he said, giving her an annoyingly pleasant smile, as though he was a gracious host. “You’ll find that Strings took care of that for you. Unfortunately, it seems that electronics these days don’t do too well with falls.”

Without another word, he left, locking the door of the storage room, leaving Téa alone in her misery. Not only did she have no way of contacting the outside world, she had lost the present that her friends had given her. And there was no way to contact Seto and let him know what had happened.

Why didn’t I listen to him? He must’ve told me about a dozen times to go home; if I’d taken his advice, I would be back with the others right now…

Her thoughts trailed off as she glanced around the room. There were no windows, and there was only one (locked) door. But there was a ventilator, several feet off of the ground.

She glanced back at the table and box that had once been holding her. After making sure that Arkana wasn’t coming back, Téa moved the table and box beneath it and succeeded in removing the grate, and then going through the vent. After several tense minutes of wandering through the ventilator passageways, she found her way outside.

Her head turned towards a clock tower as it began to toll. To her amazement, she recognized the clock; it was the iconic clock of Westminster Abbey. Somehow, Arkana had successfully taken her across the Atlantic without anyone being the wiser. But knowing where she was didn’t help; it would only be a matter of minutes until Arkana found out that she had escaped.

She paused as a news article caught her eye. Apparently, the Dancers of the Elements were redirecting their next performance to Dublin instead of London. Something was up.

She went directly to the police, unsure if her story would be believed; it was a rather crazy one.

“I know it sounds unbelievable,” she said. “But Seto Kaiba can back up my story. I need to contact him; this whole fiasco concerns him, too.”

She knew Seto’s cell phone number, though had never used it before; Mokuba had given it to Yugi and to the rest of the group in event of an emergency. And this certainly qualified as one.

“You aren’t out of the woods yet,” Seto reminded her, concealing the fact that he was relieved that she had successfully escaped. “It’s clear that you know too much for the Rare Hunters’ liking.”

“I know, but what I want to know why the troupe suddenly decided to go to Dublin instead of here,” Téa replied. “Can I meet you there, Kaiba? I’d rather not be in this alone after what just happened.”

“You should go home,” Seto replied. “But there’s every chance that the Rare Hunters will follow you and stop you before you can reach Domino. I guess you are better off with me. Take the next train, and make sure you aren’t followed. You’ll be able to find me at the docks on the east side.”

“Right,” she said, and she hung up, feeling slightly relieved.

Title: Folgen Sie Ihrem Traum (Follow Your Dream); Chapter 20: Betrayed, part 2
Author: Crystal Rose of Pollux (rose_of_pollux)
Pairing: Seto Kaiba/Téa Gardner (Anzu Mazaki)
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Theme: 7; Dublin, Ireland
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine (except for the OC dancers), and the story is
Warnings: none
Rating: PG13

After being assured by the police that the dance troupe would be placed under surveillance, Téa proceeded to catch her train (keeping an eye out to make sure that none of the passengers were Rare Hunters in disguise). She reached Dublin the next day, but before she could find Seto, someone found her.

“Téa!?” came the stunned voice of Aurus, as he and the Tessurcas ran over to her. “What happened to you!? You just vanished into thin air back in Salem; we didn’t know what happened…”

“Kayser’s been worried about you,” said Caerii. “He got a call from someone yesterday, saying you were lost. Come on, you have to meet him; he’s going to be so relieved…”

“No, I don’t think so,” said Téa. Meeting Kayser was the last thing she wanted to do now. “Please, guys; I just want to go home.”

“Téa, what’s wrong?” asked Aurus. “Did something happen when you got lost?”

“You could say that. It… it’s his fault that I’m so homesick,” she bluffed. “I just want this to stop.”

“Sweetie, you should tell him that yourself,” said Caerii. “But he doesn’t seem to be around at the moment.”

“Where is he?” she asked, intrigued. Perhaps she and Seto would be able to catch him red-handed if they moved quickly enough.

“He’s meeting someone; said it was urgent business,” said Aurus, with a shrug. “I know that he’s been trying to find you for days.”

I’ll bet…” thought Téa, as her three former colleagues led her towards the hotel. She glanced behind her, at the docks, as she walked away. “How long will Kaiba wait there for me…?

She need not have worried so much; Seto had only just arrived, and was contacting several members of his security team, determined to bring all of this to a close. He also sent the details of the latest day’s developments to Mokuba, who promised to alert Yugi and the others about what had happened as soon as possible.

It’s really lucky that Téa managed to escape on her own,” the boy had said in his reply. “But would you have saved her if she hadn’t been able to? I know you would have; that isn’t really my question. My question is if you would have rescued her because it was something you would have wanted to do, rather than something you were compelled to do…

Seto knew his brother better than anyone; this was Mokuba’s clever way of trying to see if he had any feelings for Téa.

I could’ve been back in Domino days ago, Mokuba,” he replied. “But whether I’m here by my own choice or not remains to be seen.

But this was a rare occasion; he wasn’t being fully truthful with his younger brother. He knew that he was in Dublin purely by his own choice; there was nothing stopping him from returning to Domino—nothing except his own maddening feelings that Téa had successfully set free.

His pride had finally lost a battle. But it was strange… the loss didn’t seem so terrible.


“He did what!?” Aurus blurted out.

It had been quite a revelation to all of them; the entire troupe had rejoiced to see Téa safe and sound, and they all crowded around her in the lobby. She chose that moment to tell them about the Morse code dancing, and how Kayser had turned to Arkana to get rid of her because she had known too much. She refrained from mentioning anything about Seto; he would not have appreciated being dragged into the conversation.

“I’m willing to bet that Kayser is meeting with Arkana right now to figure out where I’ve run off to,” she said. “But if we move fast, we should be able to go to the police and have them pick him up.”

She headed for the hotel doors, expecting the crowd of dancers to follow her, but she was stunned to see that none of them had made a move.

“What’s going on, you guys?” she asked. “Don’t you want to report him?”

Caerii drew a deep sigh, and spoke for the group.

“Téa… try to understand our position. You just signed on; you still have a home and everything. We don’t have that; this is all we have. This is the life we’ve known for several years. If Kayser is taken in, our one way of life will be over. What will we do then, Téa?”

“You… you can’t be serious!” Téa gasped. “You mean you’re going let yourselves go on and act as a means of communication for the Rare Hunters!? Do you even know what those creeps are like!? That crazy magician was going to saw me in half!”

“We feel for you, Kid,” said Hesper, half-heartedly. “But you’ve got to take one for the team.”

“‘Take one for the team…’?” she repeated. “To help the Rare Hunters is against every principle my friends and I stand by!”

“But you’re one of us now, Téa,” said Caerii. “Isn’t your loyalty with us?”

Téa glanced around from the faces of the Tessurcas, to the other dancers, and to Aurus, who looked as stunned and devastated as she did.

“I’m sorry,” said Téa, disillusioned by the selfishness of her colleagues. “I’m going home.”

“No; I don’t think so…” said one of the other dancers, as two pairs of arms seized her (one of them was Hesper). “We can’t have you betraying us.”

“Take her to Caerii’s room,” said Hesper. “She can watch her.”

Ignoring Téa’s protests, they took her to the room. Aurus watched them go, an unreadable expression on his face. He seemed to be waging a private war within himself, which the others were oblivious to.

After the dancers left Téa in the room, they proceeded to return to the lobby and wait for Kayser to return, leaving Caerii with the task of making sure that Téa didn’t escape.

“I’m so sorry, Téa,” she said, her apologetic tone sounding almost genuine.

Téa said nothing, only able to stare into the face of her captor, whom she had assumed to be a friend all this time. She had only wanted to chase her dream. But now a nightmare had caught ahold of her.

This chapter will be cross-posted (as one part) to 30_nights and http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4336463/20/